Intrepid: Pandora's Cage KS - 7/29

We've gotten used to telling people to, "BROADEN YOUR HORIZONS".


There are a lot stories out there.  A lot of "favorite" characters and creators too.  And, for the most part, many people haven't heard of C3 Comics.  However, once you have, we just ask one thing of them:




Our mantra at Crucial Crisis Comics, or C3 Comics, is that "events" come and go, but great characters are the backbone of great storytelling, and telling great stories is our ultimate goal.  We've worked tirelessly for many years, living by our own creed, "Where creativity meets commitment" and we truly believe our passion and professionalism shows itself through our work.  We have a ton of characters, a plethora of stories waiting for any and all who wish to broaden their horizons.

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