Once upon a time there were Heroes...


They were valiant superhuman warriors who fueled our imaginations and made us believe the impossible.  They inspired and protected us.  They were truly our champions.


In time, however, our heroes proved all too human.  The Heroic Age came to an end and we decided to champion our own causes.


Forty years have passed since the fall of The Great Heroic Age and the world has become a cynical place that rejects the notion of masked superhuman protectors in favor of a more militaristic guardian.  A cold and unfeeling protector, yet one that can be held accountable for its actions rising in the void.  However, this Age of Guardians is not all that it seems.


Intrepid is the story of a heroic band of individuals thrown together by chance and circumstance who stumble upon a vast conspiracy.  As their investigation deepens and the threat becomes clearly defined, they will discover that more than just their lives, but their world, stands at risk.

Every new cycle begins with the destruction of the last.  For countless millennium, this has been the recognized order of events.  And even though it was a struggle amongst Gods for ultimate dominion, there were still rules that needed to be abide.  This struggle, these rules...is called The Armageddon.


Yet, this time around, those very rules were ignored.  There was the introduction of chaos into what used to be order.  And because of this a Sage did something that had never been done before, he interjected himself into Armageddon.  And unbeknown to him, because of his actions, Armageddon did not conclude, it was just delayed.


This story shows the consequences of his actions.

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