We at C3 Comics, have come to understand something very serious but often under appreciated within the Indy Comic Industry...transparency.  Production on a comic book (not to mention multiple titles, advertising, marketing, social media, networking and conventions) can be overwhelming for an established publishing company...but one working on a shoe-string budget and limited resources...is next to impossible.  And one of the major downfalls of the aspiring Indy publishing company, is the ability to inform their fans when they'll be receiving the next installment of your title.  This page is our way of trying to help let our fans know that we're hard at work producing the next issue of our titles.  There's a Production Update section which let's you know, not just what titles and issue # is in production, but also at which stage of production they're currently in.  There'll also be a sneak peek into one of the titles that are in production; usually we'll post the roughs so you can get an idea of the tone and flow of the issue.  You can see which conventions we'll be attending and their dates and there's also a space dedicated to miscellaneous developments which may or may not be production related.  This is our way of being transparent and this page will be updated weekly, so feel free to check back regularly.

Sneak Peek at IV:Armageddon #46

Production Updates

Jose's Crisis Corner

Convention & Kickstarter Schedule 2023

New Developments

Aside from being the creator and all-around Godfather of Intrepid, Shonen Double Feature and, pretty much, the entirety of the Second Wave Universe (SWU), Jose Loeri has nurtured a newfound passion in videography.  Many are musings on all things C3 but there are a few reviews on popular anime/manga and comic related movies, or possibly some obscure thoughts in general.  Please feel free to peruse the growing collection of videos at:


Jose's Crisis Corner


Tidewater Comic Con:  May 20th - 21st


Awesome Con:  June 16th - 18th


BlerdCon July 7th - 9th


Baltimore Comic Con:  September 8th - 10th


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