Intrepid™ #8

Scripts by Jose Loeri

Art by Bruno Lima

Cover by Bruno Lima

$3.99 (+ S&H)

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"Once upon a time, there were heroes..."


In the Age of Guardians all is not as it seems.  It is a world that has abandoned the heroes it once venerated and has instead chosen to champion its' own causes.  However, a hidden threat looms over all.  A faceless enemy so deeply entrenched that its' existence has gone unnoticed by the defenders of this age.  An enemy, if left unchecked, would usher in a dark era of subjugation the likes of which the world has never imagined.


Welcome to the Second Wave Universe!


And welcome to the beginning of an adventure of epic proportions that will not only determine the fate of the members of Intrepid, but, possibly shape the fate of an entire universe.


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"Long live the Intrepid!"

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