C3 Comics has partnered with SpinWhiz Comics!


To better deliver our characters and stories to you, C3 Comics has partnered with SpinWhiz Comics.  SpinWhiz Comics is the first discovery and distribution platform for independent comic creators and readers; and by partnering with SpinWhiz Comics, we'll be able to have our titles available via: PDF downloads, high-rez digital downloads and print-on-demand (POD) services.  All from one central location with POD delivery being handled by worldwide printing company LuLu.  So long story short...the possibilities and the reach are limitless!


However, because of how we look at comics and the comic industry, we'll still be offering a few specialty items directly from our own C3 Comics on-line store.  What kind of specialty items, you ask?  Compendiums, specialty covers and collectors' editions will be offered exclusively through the C3 website and at conventions, not to mention, posters, stickers, wallpapers and other miscellaneous items of which we may produce from time-to-time.


To purchase (or even read) our titles, please visit our C3 Comics page on: SpinWhiz Comics


To peruse our on-line store and see what gems there are to find, please click on the 'Comic Books' link or the 'Posters and Wallpapers' link.



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